Alumni Boosters: Support the Next Genertation of DBS
2015-2016 Alumni Booster Club
We hope that DBS has changed the lives of all that have been part of it. Our mission still remains the same; personal improvement and self- motivation through Commitment, Vision, Perseverance and Dedication. We believe the development of physical, emotional, and psychological skills help create an equilibrium of mind and body.
As someone who has (hopefully) benefitted in many ways from your DBS days.  We are hoping that you might be able to help us in several strategic ways.  Our greatest need is in the area of finances and, likely, that will always be the case. As a result, any and all contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated by the team. Daytona Beach Swimming is a 501c3 Non-Profit and all donations are tax deductable.

In this, our inaugural year, Alumni who donate at the Bronze Level or higher will receive a DBS Decal.  All Alumni who donate at the Silver or Gold Level or higher will receive a DBS Swim cap or DBS T-shirt.

              Bronze Level $25
              Silver Level $50
              Gold Level $100
All Alumni Boosters will be listed in our Home Meet Programs.
Lochte Classic (Sept), Turkey Open (Nov), Winter Open (Feb), Spring Open (April) & Summer Open (June) 
We welcome donations of all sizes.  No amount is too small. 
If you would like to donate more than $100 we have Meet  Sponsorships and Scoreboard Sponsorships available. 
Please contact Coach Steve Lochte to discuss these type of sponsorships. 
Thank you for partnering with us & for supporting the next generation of swimmers.